miercuri, octombrie 28, 2009

Google Navigation

Google just announced a beta free navigation system that will come with Android 2.0 from the start. That hit TomTom and Garmin stock. (down 34%!)

Google already knows what you search for (Google search), what you write about (gmail),what you chat about (gtalk), what you're working on (gWave), what you talk about (gVoice), where you are (g Latitude), what you do with your mobile (Android), what you like to watch (Youtube), what you buy online (gCheckout), what you model in 3d (SketchUp), who you talk to, what photos you take and where you take them (Picasa), what your medical records are (Google Medical), who your friends are (indexes Facebook by contract).
With Google navigation they'll know where you're going, who you're visiting, when you're doing it, what route you're taking and how fast you were going. All for free!
Google has admitted that their central AI (yes they have one) continously builds "anonymous profiles" of the users.

Frumos nu? Totusi Google Maps nu merge in Romania... inca.

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