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Stralucirea verde al apusului

Cati dintre voi au vazut verdele unui apus de soare?

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Sheet metal CNC

Oare e facut de cineva care a auzit prezentarea mea despre tehnici de fabricatie digitala de acum 4 ani? Acolo am descris exact asa ceva.

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Mobile 3D cameras

A number of companies are developing 3D cameras for mobile devices. Chief amongst them is PrimeSense with an active IR solution and Pelican with a passive system:

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Generative impressionism

Generative Impressionism from Gil on Vimeo.

Impressionism aims to induce a dance of color and movement using harsh brushes of oil on canvas. My program "Generative Impressionism" takes a step beyond by bringing the brushstrokes to life. Each stroke exists on it's own taking the color and path appropriate to it. Alone it flows in the current... but look beyond.

If you take a step back you can perceive a striking image... a living image. Because it is living you must observe it as long as it survives. Like a blooming flower after a while it wilts away so appreciate the fleeting beauty of it.

This processing sketch is the result of some ideas that I've been keeping in my head for a few years. Two full days of train rides through the country gave me the opportunity to prototype them on my laptop. Then I refined them at home resulting in what you see before you. At first I only ran it on paintings but it became clear that it can do so much more so I tried it on a couple of photos.

In the video you see the best results so far:

Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh
Nymph in the grass - Nicolae Grigorescu
Roses - Stefan Luchian
A photo of japanese spring roses from my garden
A photo of me
San Giorgio Maggiore al Crepuscolo - Claude Monet

The music is the Romanian Rhapsody by George Enescu in a special computer generated mix of sampled audio and MIDI tracks. The Romanian Rhapsody and the sampled tracks are public domain.

Maybe I will organize a full exhibition with all the images the program interpreted.

I will post the code on OpenProcessing as soon as I can make it readable.

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Story starters and idea generators

The story starts when your protagonist bluffs through something. 

Another character is a bartender who is your protagonist's favorite musician. 

 Refresh for another scenario.

Oblivion interface design


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The 20 best tools for data visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words, but creating cool infographics can be time-consuming. So we've found 20 amazing tools to make it easier. It’s often said that data is the new world currency, and the web is the exchange bureau through which it’s traded. As consumers, we’re positively swimming in data; it's everywhere from food labels to World Health Organisation reports. As a result, for the designer it’s becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams.

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Superfast youtube hack

Enough talking. Here’s what you need to do: Click the Start button, type “cmd”, and right click the icon to ‘Run As Administrator’ (Screenshot 1) You will likely see a UAC prompt, hit “Yes” (Screenshot 2) The command prompt window will open, this is where you will type in the commands to set your firewall rules (Screenshot 3) Enter the following command and hit Enter. If it works, you should see a big “OK”.

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="MITCHRIBARYTUBE" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

Rules can be easily removed too. Just get back into the command prompt in the same way and run this command, hit Enter again:

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="MITCHRIBARYTUBE"


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3D Print 75% New Skulls

Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) out of South Windsor, CT has announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its new OsteoFab 3D printed cranial device. This marks the first approval for an additively manufactured polymer implant. The new OPM device is a cranial maxillo-facial (CMF) plate for skull reconstruction which can be used to replace up to 75% of the skull. Their device is made from PEKK (polyetherketoneketone), which has many of the desirable properties of the commonly used PEEK implant material — but it also has twice the compressive strength, making it an ideal material to replace any bone that counts user protection among its primary functions.


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Gestural interfaces - What Sci-Fi Tells Interaction Designers About Gestural Interfaces

It’s fair to say that, to the layperson, the Minority Report interface is synonymous with “gestural interface.” This interface is one of the most memorable things in a movie that is crowded with future technologies, and it is one of the most referenced interfaces in cinematic history. (In a quick and highly unscientific test, at the time of writing, we typed [sci-fi movie title] + “interface” into Google for each of the movies in the survey and compared the number of results. “Minority Report interface” returned 459,000 hits on Google, more than six times as many as the runner-up, which was “Star Trek interface” at 68,800.)
So what can movies teach us about gestural interface design?

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The paper torso project began in 2011 when I took up a suggestion by Ms. Joanne Nakora from the International School Nadi in the Fiji Islands to design and build a torso with removable organs. 3 months later I had completed a first version and uploaded some images to my Flickr account. In January 2012 My Modern Met blogged about it which led to many requests to make the templates available. Improving certain parts of the design, fitting the patterns to A4 paper and working out how to best write the instructions took about 4 times as long as building the first version. The templates and instructions are available by clicking on the banners below. In the spirit in which this project was started they are available for free. If you manage to complete some of the organs and/or the torso I would appreciate it if you could send me an email or some images of it.

Pagina proiectului:

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Glass Snowboard - from idea to prototype

ownCloud - Dropbox personal

ownCloud integrates seamlessly into existing user directories, governance, security, monitoring, storage and back-up tools — becoming part of the existing infrastructure. And because ownCloud is open source and open by nature, plug-in apps exist to extend ownCloud out of the box, enabling LDAP/AD integration, file versioning, filesharing, external file system mounts and much more. If an application or capability needed is not there, simply create a new application plug-in and add it to the ownCloud server.


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Silicon de modelaj facut acasa

(click pt mai mare)

Un mic ghid facut de mine pentru cei interesati de folosirea siliconului universal in modelaj.

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How many alien civilizations exist? - Ecuatia Drake

In 1960, Frank Drake conducted the first search for radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia. Soon thereafter, the National Academy of Sciences asked Drake to convene a meeting on detecting extraterrestrial intelligence. The meeting was held at the Green Bank facility in 1961. The equation that bears Drake's name arose out of his preparations for the meeting: As I planned the meeting, I realized a few day[s] ahead of time we needed an agenda. And so I wrote down all the things you needed to know to predict how hard it's going to be to detect extraterrestrial life. And looking at them it became pretty evident that if you multiplied all these together, you got a number, N, which is the number of detectable civilizations in our galaxy. This, of course, was aimed at the radio search, and not to search for primordial or primitive life forms.
BBC a pus la dispozitie un calculator dinamic pentru ecuatia Drake:

Redphone - telefoane si mesaje criptate

Doua aplicatii care permit utilizatorilor sa isi cripteze telefoanele si mesajele pentru siguranta maxima:

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Maison garage: old parking as tiny home in Bordeaux

This project consists of the transformation of a garage into a single level, one roomed residential dwelling of 41m2.

This former garage is situated within the passage Buhan, close to the public square, Stalingrad.
 The access to the property was formed by the means of 2 gates from the streets of Monméjean-la Bastide and Benauge.
 The buildings face the length of a private route meaning each property owner possesses half of this space.
 The garage’s only elevation onto this passage was one of 6m in length yet the other faces were either blind or shared party walls.

 A patio measuring 4m long by 2.20m wide was created and placed within the new buildings interior.
 This space allows both natural lighting and ventilation for the new special organisation. It provides also an extension to the main living area for during good weather feasible with the large sliding windows.

 The interior is completely hollwed out and now glazed by the patio. In order to clear the largest space possible and to benefit of its varied special qualities despite its size, all the main essential living requirements excluding the kitchen which fronts the passage, is concentrated within a box measuring 3.60m long by 3m wide by 3m high.
 This box, in its polished finish contains a shower room and its functionaries, the boiler, washing machine, a dressing room, a sofa/bed convertible when needed, an office, storage space, a staircase and a sleeping space above.
Pagina proiectului: