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How Greece collapsed

The easiest way to cheat on one’s taxes was to insist on being paid in cash, and fail to provide a receipt for services. The easiest way to launder cash was to buy real estate. Conveniently for the black market—and alone among European countries—Greece has no working national land registry. “You have to know where the guy bought the land—the address—to trace it back to him,” says the collector. “And even then it’s all handwritten and hard to decipher.” But, I say, if some plastic surgeon takes a million in cash, buys a plot on a Greek island, and builds himself a villa, there would be other records—say, building permits. “The people who give the building permits don’t inform the Treasury,” says the tax collector. In the apparently not-so-rare cases where the tax cheat gets caught, he can simply bribe the tax collector and be done with it. There are, of course, laws against tax collectors’ accepting bribes, explained the collector, “but if you get caught, it can take seven or eight years to get prosecuted. So in practice no one bothers.”

Foarte interesant articolul chiar daca e cam naiv reporterul.

Tot articolul: http://www.vanityfair.com/business/features/2010/10/greeks-bearing-bonds-201010?currentPage=1

Software for Apollo

Pe vremea mea maica iti tricotai softul din 0 si 1!

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Numarul de planete din galaxia noastra estimat

Scientists have estimated the first cosmic census of planets in our galaxy and the numbers are astronomical: at least 50 billion planets in the Milky Way.

At least 500 million of those planets are in the not-too-hot, not-too-cold zone where life could exist. The numbers were extrapolated from the early results of NASA's planet-hunting Kepler telescope.

Kepler science chief William Borucki says scientists took the number of planets they found in the first year of searching a small part of the night sky and then made an estimate on how likely stars are to have planets. Kepler spots planets as they pass between Earth and the star it orbits.

So far Kepler has found 1,235 candidate planets, with 54 in the Goldilocks zone, where life could possibly exist. Kepler's main mission is not to examine individual worlds, but give astronomers a sense of how many planets, especially potentially habitable ones, there are likely to be in our galaxy. They would use the one-four-hundredth of the night sky that Kepler is looking at and extrapolate from there.

Borucki and colleagues figured one of two stars has planets and one of 200 stars has planets in the habitable zone, announcing these ratios Saturday at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual conference in Washington. And that's a minimum because these stars can have more than one planet and Kepler has yet to get a long enough glimpse to see planets that are further out from the star, like Earth, Borucki said.

Tot articolul: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_sci_cosmic_census

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LED cu ratan

aura' by béatrice durandard + océane delain was born from the desire to freshen the
image of traditional basketry and integrate into the home using in a new way.

the craftsmanship, which has existed for thousands of years is used with LED sources
to create a collection of hanging and wall mounted lamps. strands of rattan are replaced
with flexible strips of LED lights during the weaving process, working them directly
into the structure of the object.

aura won first price in 'adream', a european architecture and design contest. a grant was
given to the two french designers to further develop and manufacture the product. the first
prototypes are on currently on exhibit at espace saint-valentin in lausanne, switzerland
until march 13, 2011.


Studiorile Pixar

Thanks Alex!

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Corning Research Directions

Astea sunt directiile de cercetare pentru Corning.

Pentru cine nu crede ca ar putea un blat de bucatarie din sticla sa fie destul de rezistent va prezint produsul actual al celor de la Corning: Gorilla glass

christian pottgiesser architecturespossibles - privacy bubbles

Mai multe: http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/13242/christian-pottgiesser-architecturespossibles-pons-huot.html

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Real firefight

This is modern war.

Filmat cu un shouldercam.

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Stuck in a hotel room with a super slow video camera

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

Paris - Huangzhou

You know, if I were to casually glance at this photo, I'd believe it were actually taken in Paris: The Eiffel Tower....those other buildings. Very Parisian. But look a little closer and you'll realize that it's not actually Paris at all. It's not even Disneyworld. It's China.

Located in the residential area of Tianducheng just outside of Hangzhou in East China's Zhejiang Province lies this modest recreation of the Champ de Mars and Gustave's greatest creation. Just over 2,000 people live here. What's especially weird is that I can't find any more information on this save for the photos. You'd think that a fake Paris sprouting up in China would have received some press somewhere. More pics (from Reuters) after the jump.

DAVID! Vrem reportaj de la fata locului!

Toata galeria: http://www.gadling.com/2007/09/04/paris-in-china/

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A Pail of Air - short story

A world where the Earth has been thrown out of the orbit with the sun and the air has frozen to the ground. A family continues to survive on this harsh planet everyone used to call home.

Povestea cu Pamantul inghetat nu este singura din colectia asta. Pentru a le vedea pe toate aveti butoane de navigare in dreapta sus. Toate sunt destul de scurte pentru o pauza de la lucru.


Daca va intrebati ce e un "pail"

Myriad Alien Dalvik - Android apps on non-android devices

Demoul e facut pe sistemul MeeGo dar vor sa il lanseze pe toate sistemele de operare.

Nu stiu de ce dar am senzatia ca Nokia este in spatele acestei companii.

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Planurile autostrazii suspendate

Autostrada urbană, după cum a fost numită oficial, va avea trei tronsoane și 50 de kilometri. Primul, cel de Nord, este cuprins între Lacul Morii și Șoseaua Colentina și va avea o lungime de 16,8 kilometri. Al doilea, de Sud-Vest, este proiectat pe o lungime de 17,4 km și va fi cuprins între Lacul Morii și Șoseaua Giurgiului. Ultimul, de Sud-Est, va avea 16,3 km și va închide inelul, fiind cuprins între Șoseaua Colentina și Șoseaua Giurgiului. Autostrada va fi construită pe trei niveluri: suprateran, subteran și la nivelul solului. Potrivit studiului de prefezabilitate, costul primului tronson al autostrăzii a fost estimat la 826 milioane de euro.

Deocamdată, Primăria a atribuit contractul pentru realizarea PUZ și studiu de fezabilitate pentru primul tronson.Cele cinci firme câștigătoare vor primi aproximativ 8 milioane de euro.

Ce este foarte interesant e faptul ca se vede si pe unde intra autostrada A3 in Bucuresti. (pe la Dragos prin curte se pare)

Toata galeria: http://b365.realitatea.net/news/cum-arata-autostrada-suspendata-visata-de-sorin-oprescu-vezi-imagini/

Trailere Filme 2011

Au fost difuzate in timpul superbowl.


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OZN deasupra Ierusalimului

Pe youtube exista linkurile la celalte videouri.

The skin gun

Cancer sniffing dog trained

Japanese researchers are reporting a 'lab' breakthrough: a retriever that can detect bowel cancer in breath and stool samples as accurately as hi-tech diagnostic tools.

The team, led by Hideto Sonoda at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, used a specially-trained female black labrador to carry out 74 "sniff tests" over a period of several months.

Each of the tests comprised five breath or stool samples, only one of which was cancerous.

The samples came from 48 people with confirmed bowel cancer at various stages of the disease and 258 volunteers with no bowel cancer or who had had cancer in the past.

Tot articolul: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2011/02/01/3126732.htm

Lucrarea stiintifica in cauza: http://gut.bmj.com/content/early/2011/01/17/gut.2010.218305.full