vineri, mai 25, 2012

Eye tracking heatmaps

They say the eyes tell all.

Now thanks to eye-tracking technology we can tell they're saying, and the results point to fascinating differences between men and women and useful insights into advertising and design.

Femeile se uita la pantofi.

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luni, mai 21, 2012

once upon a sponge - buretele de bucatarie

once upon a sponge project aims to showcase the different perspectives of design. creative platform papairlines invited 20 designers
to conceptualize and build unexpected and imaginative narrative objects with the final destination being to show and tell stories
through the use of the iconic yellow sponge
Mai multe exemple:

luni, mai 14, 2012

duminică, mai 06, 2012

Touche supertouch surfaces

Cam lipsiti de imaginatie la aplicatii cei de la Disney.

7 styles of throat singing

Numai mie mi se pare incredibil volumul pe care il poate atinge?

vineri, mai 04, 2012

marți, mai 01, 2012


Trompeta pentru mobil