marți, noiembrie 29, 2011

Soft Robot

Just a liiiitle bit creepy.

marți, noiembrie 22, 2011

Fairy Wasp - insecta cat o ameoba

Asta nu e un trucaj:

Fairy wasps are some of the tiniest creatures on Earth, an entire insect roughly the size of a single-celled organism like an amoeba. That means their individual cells must be incredibly tiny...and that requires losing much of their nervous system.

The fairy wasp, otherwise known as the fairyfly, is a parasitic insect that can measure as little as 200 micrometers long, making it roughly the size of unicellular organisms like amoebas or paramecia. Of course, this insect isn't a one-celled organism, which means its thousands of individual cells have to be shrunk down to unbelievably small sizes.

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luni, noiembrie 21, 2011

Trecutul prin usi cauzeaza uitare

We’ve all experienced it: The frustration of entering a room and forgetting what we were going to do. Or get. Or find.

New research from University of Notre Dame Psychology Professor Gabriel Radvansky suggests that passing through doorways is the cause of these memory lapses.

“Entering or exiting through a doorway serves as an ‘event boundary’ in the mind, which separates episodes of activity and files them away,” Radvansky explains.

“Recalling the decision or activity that was made in a different room is difficult because it has been compartmentalized.”

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duminică, noiembrie 20, 2011

Pamantul cu aurore si furtuni

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

Nu au fost adaugate culori sau efecte speciale.

Thanks Didy!

vineri, noiembrie 18, 2011

Mars rover "Spirit" - intreaga misiune

La sfarsit se impotmoleste in nisip. Acolo este blocat si acum.

miercuri, noiembrie 16, 2011

Titanoboa - Sarpele robot

Se pare ca a costat 10000 USD in materiale numai pana acum. Scopul final este sa recreeze un sarpe preistoric

Pagina proiectului:

Nostalgic LED lightbulb

the panasonic LDAHV4L27CG LED bulb is the first in the world to use clear glass to show the light source.
with its single filament it uses just 4.4 watts. the ultra long life LED bulbs can achieve a lifetime of 40,000 hours
which is approximately 40 years (at usage of 2.7 hours per day).

lighting designers will appreciate them probably also because most of us still love the sharp shadows created
by clear tungsten bulbs. LED delivers 100% of the light instantly. so no need anymore to wait a warm up of the lamp.
you can finally truly use it in a staircase or bathroom or wherever the light needs to be switched on 100% instantly.
with same dimensions as the traditional light source, it can be used as a perfect replacement for incandescent light bulbs.
feel free now to switch on or switch off the bulb anytime as you want. the panasonic LED circuit enables almost
infinite switch on & off cycles (100,000 times) without damaging the lifetime.

Eu sunt un mare fan al formei traditionale de bec.


joi, noiembrie 10, 2011

Sketchpad - Sketchup din 1963

Dezvoltat de Ivan Sutherland ca si demonstratie a potentialului graficii pe calculator.

marți, noiembrie 08, 2011

ASIMO 2011

Faimosul robot ASIMO produs de Honda a fost adus la zi. In versiunea 2011 e mai usor, mai precis si mai rapid.

vineri, noiembrie 04, 2011

StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis - productie RO

Film facut de romani din Cluj condusi de Cristian Ciocotisan! Site-ul lor: