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Research Reveals That Apocalyptic Stories Changed Dramatically 20 Years Ago

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Most major religions, going back thousands of years, tell stories about the End of the World. And post-apocalyptic fiction is perennially popular. So why, in the last twenty years, has the apocalypse ceased to matter?

I recently finished a thesis project on post-apocalyptic genre fiction, and in my research I made a list of 423 books, poems, and short stories about the apocalypse, published between 1826-2007, and charted them by the way their earth met its demise (humans, nature, god, etc.) to see the trends over time.


Why three buses come at once, and how to avoid it

Anyone who has waited for a bus knows the routine: you wait far longer than you should, then three come along at once. The problem, called "platooning", plagues buses, trains and even elevators.

Evident la noi vin atat de rar ca iti faci cruce cand apare unul dar imi amintesc problema asta de cand eram mic si mergeam la scoala cu tramvaiul.


Create a Virtual Machine of your Existing Computer

Let’s say you have a computer that is already running all the software programs you frequently use, but you now want to move to a new computer or upgrade your operating system. You can then consider creating a virtual machine of your old machine using the Microsoft utility and this will help you use all your favorite programs (with the same settings) on the new machine.

You can also use virtualization to create a ghost image of your hard drive in a single file and this will be handy in the event of a disk failure.


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3 in pat

Kristin Palmer and Trent Wood were asleep in their home last week when a motorist allegedly drove into their bedroom around 4 a.m., mistakenly believing it was his ex-girlfriend's home.


Google Navigation

Google just announced a beta free navigation system that will come with Android 2.0 from the start. That hit TomTom and Garmin stock. (down 34%!)

Google already knows what you search for (Google search), what you write about (gmail),what you chat about (gtalk), what you're working on (gWave), what you talk about (gVoice), where you are (g Latitude), what you do with your mobile (Android), what you like to watch (Youtube), what you buy online (gCheckout), what you model in 3d (SketchUp), who you talk to, what photos you take and where you take them (Picasa), what your medical records are (Google Medical), who your friends are (indexes Facebook by contract).
With Google navigation they'll know where you're going, who you're visiting, when you're doing it, what route you're taking and how fast you were going. All for free!
Google has admitted that their central AI (yes they have one) continously builds "anonymous profiles" of the users.

Frumos nu? Totusi Google Maps nu merge in Romania... inca.

Guv. Schwarzenegger transmite un mesaj

Credeti ca e o gluma?
Link la siteul oficial al guvernului:

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25 of the Scariest Science Experiments Ever Conducted

25 de experimente reale incredibile

Tot articolul:


Se misca un pic cam incet aplicatia dar este geniala. Tot haosul controlat pe care incerc sa il materializez cand desenez ceva decorativ este implementat perfect in aplicatia asta.


Health and home weblog Real Simple claims that by slouching, our body takes in as much as 30% less oxygen than we'd take in with good posture. When we sit slumped over (which is easy to do if you spend a great deal of time at the computer), we aren't just harming our posture, but our bodies' ability to keep our energy up.


Bule inghetate

One intrepid experimenter with a good camera, a cold night and a soap-bubble-maker creates sheer joy in this gallery of frozen bubbles: "It's very cold tonight, so we played with bubbles. If you blow them upwards enough they have time to freeze on the way down."


Strongest kid

Strongest Kid You've Ever Seen - Watch more Funny Videos

Nimic chiar nou dar fiti atenti ce limba vorbeste. Sunt Romani!
Vorba lui Mircea. Cu copiii destepti nu ne mandrim.

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Photoshop CS4 conferencing

Nu stiati de asta nu :P

Nu stiu daca merge pe versiunile "noastre" :)

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Windows 7 torrenting party

In caz ca nu stiti Microsoft vrea sa tinem o petrecere cu ocazia lansarii Windows 7:

Mai probabil o sa facem asta:


Burgerul Windows 7 la Burger King

Microsoft has taken the unusual step of promoting Windows 7 in Japan with Burger King's launch of a Windows 7 Whopper. Fitting in with the software theme, the burger stacks seven patties in an otherwise normal Whopper and measures 5.1 inches tall. It also has an appropriate 777 yen ($8.53) price.

Mai multe:

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Tatuaj pas cu pas

Peste cativa ani o sa vina un copil si o sa zica "Nenea! Ce e aia pe mana ta?"
"E o canistra de film copile"
Evident copilul o sa rapsunda "Ce e aia film?"

Prima proteza robotica controlata de creier

A team of scientists from Italy and Sweden have developed what is believed to be the first artificial hand capable of feeling. It has been attached to the arm of a 22-year-old man who lost his own hand through cancer. The arm works by connecting human nerve endings with tiny electronic sensors.

Interfatarea cu nervii organismului este cea mai dificila problema legata de proteze. Acest proiect reprezinta o revolutie!

EDIT: am gasit centrul de cercetare despre care e vorba in video

Alte reclame Intel

Dupa reclama Rockstars Intel se intoarce cu o noua salva de spoturi.

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Preturile de la 1 ianuarie

Benzina se scumpeste cu 20%, pretul tigarilor creste cu 34%, iar energia electrica ar urma se scumpeasca cu aproximativ 30%.

Articol complet:

Din serie diferente machiaj

21 de exemple:

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Pixar Murder

SF rusesc

Black Lightning is a story of Moscow University's student who becomes the owner of ordinary from the first sight, been-used, but... able to fly "Volga" car. With this car he will be able to not only avoid Moscow traffic jams, but unexpectedly for himself turn to city's defender, mysterious fighter against Evil.

Daca ar fi fost american ar fi fost regizat de Michael Bay cu un buget de 1 miliard de dolari.

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Joaca cu leii

Poate ei cred ca nu ar avea gust bun?

miercuri, octombrie 14, 2009

Nikon D3S

Filmat la ISO 12800 si ISO 102400 (da am scris bine) cu Nikon D3S in intuneric in Finlanda. Da este scumpa. 5000 de euro numai body. Da. Nu...

Ceas de buzunar

Echipamentul perfect pentru un calator in timp.

Mai multe informatii:

50 de ani de misiuni spatiale

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Lebada robot - sec 18

Made at natural scale, the Silver Swan is power by clockwork. It sits on moving glass rods and silver leaves that give the illusion of flowing water. The swan floats, moving naturally and catching a fish that passes by the stream. I just can't believe this is a purely mechanical device from two centuries ago. I guess I would have to go to the Bowes Museum—in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham, England

Planurile dateaza din sec 18.

Criza pentru rapperi

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Slim Thug Feels the Recession
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorRon Paul Interview

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Contraceptivele si atractia

The contraceptive pill alters monthly fluctuations in hormones associated with the menstrual cycle, mimicking the more stable hormonal conditions associated with pregnancy. This might not only disrupt the natural processes which influence women's choice of partner, but it could also make them less able to compete with women who have a natural menstrual cycle, a paper published this week in Trends in Ecology and Evolution suggests.

How worried should we be, and what other strategies can men and women use to tip the odds in their favour? New Scientist investigates.



TURBO from Jarrett Lee Conaway on Vimeo.

Turbo este un film facut de studenti cu un buget sub 100000USD. Se pare ca astia sunt bani de proiect studentesc in lumea civilizata.

marți, octombrie 06, 2009

PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage

PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage from tao chen on Vimeo.

We present a system that composes a realistic picture from a simple freehand sketch annotated with text labels. The composed picturer is generated by seamlessly stitching several photographs in agreement with the sketch and text labels; these are found by searching the Internet. Although online image search generates many inappropriate results, our system is able to automatically select suitable photographs to generate a high quality composition, using a filtering scheme to exclude undesirable images. We also provide a novel image blending algorithm to allow seamless image composition. Each blending result is given a numeric score, allowing us to find an optimal combination of discovered images. Experimental results show the method is very successful; we also evaluate our system using the results from two user studies.

Wilkinson treehouse residence

O casa spectaculoasa in padurile din Oregon.

Articol si galerie:

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Vertical Garden

Paris Rue d'Alsace, “vegitecture“, Patrick Blanc

THE VERTICAL GARDEN ALLOWS people to re-create a living system very similar to natural environments. It’s a way to add nature to places where man once removed it. Thanks to botanical knowledge, it’s possible to display natural-looking plant landscapes even though they are human-made. In any city, all over the world, a naked wall can be turned into a Vertical Garden and thus be a valuable shelter for biodiversity. It’s also a way to add nature to the daily life of city inhabitants. Besides, thanks to its thermic isolation effect, the Vertical Garden is very efficient and aids in lowering energy consumption, both in winter (by protecting the building from the cold) and in summer (by providing a natural cooling system).

Mai multe:

UPDATE: Cristi mi-a povestit vizita lui la mai multe din aceste cladiri. Se pare ca umiditatea generata de aceste gradini este relativ mare si in plus de asta udarea lor se face direct fara o automatizare cu senzori. Din aceasta cauza "curg zoaie" pe fatade si direct in strada.
Poze detaliate mai jos:

Poze facute de Cristi

Thanks Cristi!

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Billions upon billions

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Cateva cifre socante:
  • 465$ miliarde pentru a intretine si educa toti copii de pe planeta pentru 5 ani!
  • 2800$ miliarde costul actual al crizei americane
  • 515$ miliarde pentru a muta toata productia de energie in sisteme ecologice si regenerabile
  • 230$ miliarde o misiune umana catre Marte

Sfarsitul vacantei