marți, mai 20, 2014

LED filament lightbulbs

Unlike the usual LED bulbs, in which the LED chips are packed flat in a square metal plate, the LED chips of FiLED bulb are encapsulated in a transparent column of glass or synthetic sapphire, coated with phosphor. This new packaging technology with phosphor molding is called “chip-on-glass” (COG). The column of glass or synthetic sapphire is very tiny, with a diameter of only 1.5mm(0.06inches), but with a length of 30mm(1.18inches). The LED filament is formed after the COG encapsulation process. Using this technology, the LED filaments emit light in all directions, and produce nearly the same full illumination and warm glow of the traditional incandescent light bulbs that people have come to enjoy and appreciate. Using 4 filaments containing 3.6W LEDs(in series or parallel), a brightness of 350 lumens can be achieved. The light efficiency is as high as 100 lumens/w. Using the color rendering index of lighting quality, the FiLED score is 90, which compares well with the benchmark daylight score of 100.