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Kitchen sink collection

It's packed with more than 1.2Gb of software and includes all the core applications you would expect, like Firefox, FileZilla, Thunderbird, Sumatra, and OpenOffice. That's just the tip of the iceberg, however. There are loads more applications covering every kind of chore from listening to/grabbing internet radio (Screamer) to rootkit detection to accessing EXT2/3 partitions.



Life in Finland, one of the world's best functioning welfare states and least known success stories, can be complicated. Consider the dilemma confronting parents looking for day care for a 4-year-old daughter in Kuhmo, a town of 10,000 near the middle of the country.

Finns have one of the world's most generous systems of state-funded educational, medical and welfare services, from pregnancy to the end of life. They pay nothing for education at any level, including medical school or law school. Their medical care, which contributes to an infant mortality rate that is half of ours and a life expectancy greater than ours, costs relatively little. (Finns devote 7 percent of gross domestic product to health care; we spend 15 percent.) Finnish senior citizens are well cared for. Unemployment benefits are good and last, in one form or another, indefinitely.

For all of that, Finland doesn't feel like an entirely foreign place -- I thought I was on familiar ground. Finns obviously enjoy things we enjoy, from a good concert (rock, jazz or classical) and a good ice cream cone to a brisk walk on the beach. They are practical-minded experimenters and problem solvers.

One fundamental Finnish value sounds a lot like an American principle -- "to provide equal opportunities in life for everyone," as Pekka Himanen, a 31-year-old intellectual wunderkind in Helsinki, put it. Himanen, a product of Finnish schools who got his PhD in philosophy at 21, argues that Finland now does this much better than the United States, where he lived for several years while associated with the University of California in Berkeley.

In Finland, Himanen said, opportunity does not depend on "an accident of birth." All Finns have an equal shot at life, liberty and happiness. Yes, this is supposed to be an American thing, but many well-traveled younger Finns, who all seem to speak English, have a Finnish take on American realities. Miapetra Kumpula, a 32-year-old member of Parliament, volunteered this on the American dream: "Sure, anyone can get rich -- but most won't."

This too seems to be part of Finnish egalitarianism; most Finns don't boast or conspicuously consume (except perhaps when they buy fancy cars). Finnish authorities know how much everyone earns, and they pro-rate traffic fines depending on the wealth of the malefactor. Last year the 27-year-old heir to a local sausage fortune was fined 170,000 euros, about $204,000 at the time of the fine, for driving at 50 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone in downtown Helsinki.

I found Finnish society beguiling on many levels, but in the end concluded that it could not serve as a blueprint for the United States. National differences matter. The Finns are special and so are we. Ours is a society driven by money, blessed by huge private philanthropy, cursed by endemic corruption and saddled with deep mistrust of government and other public institutions. Finns have none of those attributes.

Nor do they tune in to American individualism. Groupthink seems to be fine with most Finns; conformity is the norm, risk-taking is avoided -- a problem now, when entrepreneurs are so needed. I was bothered by a sense of entitlement among many Finns, especially younger people.

Sirpa Jalkanen, a distinguished microbiologist and biotech entrepreneur affiliated with Turku University in that ancient Finnish port city, told me she was discouraged by "this new generation we have now who love entertainment, the easy life." She said she wished the government would require every university student to pay a "significant but affordable" part of the cost of their education, "just so they'd appreciate it." Today every Finnish student is assured free tuition and a monthly stipend to live on that they can receive for 55 months, the length of the six-year courses most still take.

Articol complet:

Advertising fara limite

Plagiat? Licentiat? Pana si melodia este similara dar nu identica.

Videoclip Francez:

Si varianta americana sub forma de reclama:


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The people's history

Find The History of Cost Of Living, Prices, Events, Popular Social Culture,
Inventions, Technology By Year, Decade or Type From The
20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's 70's, 80's, 90's and The New Millennium

History allows us to use just a few words to Instantly recognize a decade

by reading some of the things that occured during that decade check some of the examples below

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How to sell wide angle lenses

Personal funeral urn

When you leave this Earth, how will you be remembered? As a kind soul, or as that jackass who insisted his ashes be placed in a bust of his own head on the mantle?

Personal Urns use "advances in facial reconstruction and 3D printing" to create an urn in the shape of anyone's head based on a photograph. And hey, if you're not much to look at, they're happy to make one based on any celebrity's head as well.


Natural BMW

BMW’s Stunning Energy-Efficient Production Plant
The multifunctional Hall, which sits as the centre point of the complex, was designed as a solar-heated, naturally ventilated sub-climatic area, removing the normal requirements for building heating and ventilation. Instead, a natural air supply is generated by thermal currents, wind pressure and turbulences when air accumulates in the area of the façade and roof projection. Air intake and outflow take place through automatically controlled and strategically placed vents providing the Hall with all its air needs.


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GPS nou pentru mobile

The SiRFStarIV line, starting with the GSD4t chip, addresses all of those flaws:

1. It's much lower in power than its predecessor, while being twice as efficient as getting a GPS lock.

2. Even while the phone is asleep, it can be run in a "micropower" mode, which gathers strong signal info when it can, without expending too much power but without sleeping completely.

3. It can be used indoor and outdoor, by storing the last most reliable location reading in memory, and reporting it when there's no new fix.

Sunt sigur ca toata lumea care a folosit un GPS stie cat de enervant e cat de multa energie consuma si cat de greu prinde semnal. In sfarsit scot un chip bun pt mobile. Cel mai probabil din sf lui 2010 in telefoane.


You think it's fun?

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Shiny People

Using cameras so sensitive that they can detect single photons, researchers at Kyoto University discovered that humans emit visible light.

We know, these images look like standard infrared heat maps, but they're not. They actually depict visible light emanating from skin, the results of scientists tracking five 20 year old males standing in front of a dark room camera for frequent sessions throughout a day.


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a conventional support structure is built for the trees to grow around, and after a few years, it can be removed and the
'arbo-architecture' can support itself
image courtesy of development society for botany building and der spiegel

three young german architects, oliver storz, ferdinand ludwig and hannes schwertfeger,
are designing structures made from living trees.

ludwig is grafting trees together - trunk to top, top to trunk - by seven young willow trees,
with a scaffold used to support the tree tower. restricting the way in which the trees grow,
allows the roots of the trees to protrude sideways and into containers of soil. as the trees reach
a certain point, the roots are cut off, which allows them to merge into a single organism.
to construct this type of architecture, he uses one-year-old willows that are a minimum of 10 meters
(33 feet) long and those that are are thin and flexible. when they have matured to full strength,
the trees will be able to support an 8 meter (26 foot) tower that he plans to build in south germany
at the end of this month.

with his colleagues, storz and schwertfeger, they have called their specialty 'botany building'.
each of them have built structures built from plants, studying the elasticity of trees and researching
how effectively willows can grow around steel pipes. they feel that trees are building materials
equivalent to steel and concrete.

the beginning of any 'arbo-architecture' project requires the architects to build a conventional
support structure. once this is done, young, flexible trees are attached to the structure and over
the course of time the branches and trunks are manipulated into desired shape. as they grow,
they begin taking on more of a load-bearing function. after they have been harvested this way
for a few years, the support structure can be removed and the architecture of the trees can
stabilize themselves, and the potential for roofs and floors can be installed.


Fat Cat

Ce risti daca nu iti platesti creditele?

Daca intarziati peste 90 de zile si aveti un credit garantat cu ipoteca sau gaj auto, banca este indreptatita sa inceapa executarea silita, deoarece contractele de credit au titlu executoriu si nu mai este nevoie de o decizie judecatoreasca.

Bunul cu care se garanteaza creditul este scos la licitatie, in conditiile impuse de Codul de Procedura Civila, iar sumele obtinute trebuie sa acopere atat soldul creditului cat si penalitatile inregistrate si cheltuielile generate de onorariul executorului.

In cazul unui imprumut negarantat, banca se va indrepta intai asupra veniturilor clientului sau conturilor detinute de acesta, pe care le va opri.

Daca posesorul creditului nu are niciun bun sau venit inregistrat pe numele sau, pentru o perioada este "salvat", in sensul ca banca nu are ce sa execute.

Se emit, insa, periodic acte de executare silita, de obicei din sase in sase luni, intre timp facandu-se o monitorizare a clientului.

Practic, clientul va fi pus sub observare pana cand banca va avea ce sa execute si-si va recupera banii.


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The man who invented the iPod in 1979

Kane Kramer, an inventor by trade, came up with a gadget and music distribution service almost eerily similar to the iPod-iTunes relationship that predates it by three decades. The guy predicted details down to DRM and flash memory's dominance.

Kramer's device, the IXI, was flash-based, even though flash memory in 1979 only could have held about three minutes of audio, and featured a screen, four-way controls, and was about the size of a cigarette pack. Even weirder, he envisioned the creation and sale of digital music and foresaw all the good and bad that would come from this: No overhead, no inventory, but a great push for independent artists, with the risk of piracy looming large.

There you have it folks. The real inspiration for Apple's game-changing iPod, courtesy of the world's unluckiest Briton, Kane Kramer, 52 (not including the fifth Beatle). You see, in the dark technological days of 1979, Kramer saw a beacon of light in his IXI. Capable of playing a mind-busting 3.5 minutes of music, the IXI prototype was Kramer's ticket out of obscurity. Sadly, when he couldn't raise enough venture funding to renew the IXI patent in 1988, the device became the Zune of its time, and was largely forgotten. Fast forward to the present, when Apple, fresh from making year-over-year record profits with the iPod, needed Kramer something fierce to bail them out of a lawsuit jam with

"I can’t even bring myself to buy an iPod for myself," he said. "Apple did give me one but it broke down after eight months." Hmm. Apple products seem to be doing that a lot these days.

cele 2 articole:

The eye


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Vopsea cu autocuratare pentru fatade

Exact bucata de Grand Designs de care va povesteam. Pe youtube sunt mai multe informatii despre aceasta vopsea care functioneaza prin nanotehnologie.

Kevin tests STO paint on Grand Designs. The use of the self-cleaning StoLotusan Color will help to maintain the look of the building.

Va imaginati cum ar arata Bucurestiul vopsit cu asta?

Webcamuri de la mare

(aceasta imagine este prima poza care apare cand cautati "Litoral Romania" - serios incercati)

Toti vrem cateodata sa stim cum e la mare. Fara balivernele motivate comercial de la stiri, fara prognoze eronate... pur si simplu cum e ACUM.

Va prezint webcamuri de la mare:

Se observa o lipsa completa de alge in Bulgaria in timp ce in Romania se observa turisti in alge.
Webcam in Vama n-am gasit. Daca stiti vreun link do tell.

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Bullshit: Video Games

De ce bullshit? I'm in the mood.

Doar partea 1 restul gasiti la related.

Sincer am vrut sa pun episodul "orgasms" dar youtube l-a sters

Inginerii români vor 12.000 de euro pe lună

Un studiu realizat de un institut german arată să absolvenţii de inginerie şi economie visează la salarii de 9.000-12.000 de euro lunar, adică de 64- 84 de ori mai mari decât salariu minim pe economie.

Veniturile visate de români sunt similare cu ale studenţilor din Slovacia, Polonia, Republica Cehă sau Ungaria, dar sunt de trei sau chiar de cinci ori mai mici decât cele dorite de „omologii” lor din Danemarca, Austria, Franţa, Germania sau Marea Britanie.

„Luând în considerare şi diferenţele economice între ţări, e surprinzător că studenţii români sunt cei care se aşteaptă la cele mai mici salarii din Europa. În fond, educaţia pe care o primesc este cel puţin la fel de bună ca cea pe care o primesc colegii lor europeni”, a explicat, pentru EVZ, Gesa Bartels, marketing expert în cadrul Institutului trendence.

Reactia la TV a fost "Sunt nesimtiti. Nici Sarkozi nu are asemenea salariu."
Trebuia sa fac facultatea de pus borduri probabil ca sa am un castig decent.


Adopt a gradguate

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Un site numai cu chestii de genul asta:

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Shaggy la Antena 1

Partea interesanta incepe de al 2 minute. Nu stiam ca e concert.

Brick wall of the future

A few groups have begun to experiment with the idea of robotically laid brick construction, most notably the Swiss firm Gramazio & Kohler (Facade Gantenbein Winery, Structural Oscillations), and recently, students at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (On the Bri(n)ck). Inspired by these efforts, I set out to investigate the possibilities of robotic brick-wall construction with Mathematica.

Ideea este ca aceste ziduri ar putea fi construite cu precizie de roboti si ar fi la fel de rezistente structural ca si un zid normal.


Night light

La vitrine

La Vitrine - Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo.

Vreau de mult timp sa fac asa ceva la metrou la noi.

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Fall to earth

Partea cea mai interesanta incepe dupa 2 minute

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Noua Dacia 4x4

Membrii dau inca o data dovada de rapiditate in ceea ce priveste informatiile si fotografiile oficiale ale modelelor Dacia nelansate inca, prezentand astazi, in premiera mondiala, primele fotografii-spion cu modelul romanesc necamuflat. Este vorba de trei instantanee surprinse, cel mai probabil, intr-unul dintre atelierele Dacia de la Mioveni.

Conform informatiilor existente pana acum, SUV-ul Dacia se va baza pe platforma de productie a lui Nissan Qashqai, modelul romanesc urmand sa imprumute de la Nissan si know-how-ul in materie de sisteme de tractiune integrala.


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Morality and cheating

Stabilizare 3D foarte avansata

O metoda care stabilizeaza 3D imaginea filmata cu o camera normala. Foarte impresionant video la adresa de mai jos.

Video la:

James Dean safety video

Most know how James Dean died; driving his Porsche 550 Spyder on Highway 466 in California. Dean even received a ticket earlier in the day, prompting many to assume that he was driving recklessly when the accident occurred. Later examination of the crash showed that the Hollywood icon was likely driving around 55 mph at the time of the crash; which was the legal limit at the time.

While Dean was shooting the film Giant (released posthumously in 1956), the Hollywood superstar shot a quick public service video for the program Warner Bros. Parents. The short was about the dangers of speeding on the highway, and Dean insisted that speeding was for the race track and not for public roads. Chillingly, he ends the interview saying "Take it easy drivin'... the life you might save might be mine." As Dean died soon after filming the short segment, it reportedly never aired. Hit the jump to view the two minute interview.

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Durex outtakes - Superfad ad agency

Toti stiti reclama asta: (acum si cu "erori")

Acestea au fost facute de agentia Superfad.

Alt exemplu sunt reclamele facute pentru Sprint:

Portofoliul complet al agentiei Superfad:
Dupa clienti:
Dupa clip:

Wallpaperuri pictate



Disney a facut roboti care seamana perfect cu toti presedintii americani. Nu-l vad pe George W. Bush. Se pare ca l-au pus in spate... in spatele scenei poate

Draw human! Obey your robot overlords!