marți, martie 26, 2013

luni, martie 18, 2013

The 20 best tools for data visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words, but creating cool infographics can be time-consuming. So we've found 20 amazing tools to make it easier. It’s often said that data is the new world currency, and the web is the exchange bureau through which it’s traded. As consumers, we’re positively swimming in data; it's everywhere from food labels to World Health Organisation reports. As a result, for the designer it’s becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams.

miercuri, martie 13, 2013

Superfast youtube hack

Enough talking. Here’s what you need to do: Click the Start button, type “cmd”, and right click the icon to ‘Run As Administrator’ (Screenshot 1) You will likely see a UAC prompt, hit “Yes” (Screenshot 2) The command prompt window will open, this is where you will type in the commands to set your firewall rules (Screenshot 3) Enter the following command and hit Enter. If it works, you should see a big “OK”.

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="MITCHRIBARYTUBE" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

Rules can be easily removed too. Just get back into the command prompt in the same way and run this command, hit Enter again:

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="MITCHRIBARYTUBE"


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vineri, martie 08, 2013

3D Print 75% New Skulls

Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) out of South Windsor, CT has announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its new OsteoFab 3D printed cranial device. This marks the first approval for an additively manufactured polymer implant. The new OPM device is a cranial maxillo-facial (CMF) plate for skull reconstruction which can be used to replace up to 75% of the skull. Their device is made from PEKK (polyetherketoneketone), which has many of the desirable properties of the commonly used PEEK implant material — but it also has twice the compressive strength, making it an ideal material to replace any bone that counts user protection among its primary functions.


luni, martie 04, 2013

Gestural interfaces - What Sci-Fi Tells Interaction Designers About Gestural Interfaces

It’s fair to say that, to the layperson, the Minority Report interface is synonymous with “gestural interface.” This interface is one of the most memorable things in a movie that is crowded with future technologies, and it is one of the most referenced interfaces in cinematic history. (In a quick and highly unscientific test, at the time of writing, we typed [sci-fi movie title] + “interface” into Google for each of the movies in the survey and compared the number of results. “Minority Report interface” returned 459,000 hits on Google, more than six times as many as the runner-up, which was “Star Trek interface” at 68,800.)
So what can movies teach us about gestural interface design?