sâmbătă, septembrie 26, 2009

Interviu cu Wolfram

By now you’ve surely heard of Wolfram|Alpha, a “computational knowledge engine” which aims to take any and all systematic factual information and allow you to compute with it. Recently, RevisingMRI sat down with Wolfram|Alpha for an interview about MRI. Every answer is a genuine reply from Wolfram|Alpha (links are provided).

RevisingMRI: Good morning.

Wolfram|Alpha: Hello, human.

RevisingMRI: Pardon? Are you an alien?

Wolfram|Alpha: No I’m not.

RevisingMRI: What are you?

Wolfram|Alpha: I am a computational knowledge engine.

Tot interviul: http://www.revisemri.com/blog/2009/an-interview-with-wolframalpha/

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