sâmbătă, septembrie 26, 2009

Bloc din lemn - Murray Grove

We have recently completed a new nine-storey residential building in Hackney, providing both private and affordable housing. Constructed entirely in timber, Murray Grove is the tallest modern timber residential building in the world.

The building has been designed using a cross-laminated timber panel system. The system has been pioneered by manufacturers KLH of Austria and is akin to jumbo plywood, arriving on site in panels up to 9m in length. This will be the first building in the world of this height to construct not only load-bearing walls and floor slabs but also stair and lift cores entirely from timber.

Each of the panels is prefabricated including cutouts for windows and doors. As the panels arrive on site they are immediately craned into position, dramatically reducing the time on site. The entire nine-story structure will be up and built within nine weeks.

Arhitect: http://www.waughthistleton.com/project.php?name=murray&img=1
Mai multe: http://www.yankodesign.com/2007/06/18/timber-tower-tallest-timber-residential-building-in-the-world/

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