marți, noiembrie 23, 2010

Metrouri 98% reciclabile in Polonia

The interiors are spaciously appointed with extra-wide entrances, for accommodating better passenger flow, large electronic displays for system maps, and lighting that's placed at soothing intervals, rather than in blaring, monolithic banks. The electronics and mechanics cabinets have also been removed from the actual cabin walls -- so that the interior space is as spacious as possible. And finally, you'll also notice that the handholds are lit from above and shaped like tree branches -- a symbol, the designers say, of the subway cars green ambitions.

Those green bonafides primarily come in the form of the carriage's aluminum, "weight-optimized" chassis, which is significantly lighter than the average traincar, reducing its energy consumption. And... wait for it... the carriages are expected to be 97.5% recyclable as well.


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