duminică, octombrie 24, 2010

insulindeplein automatic car park - paul de ruiter architects:

Sunt atat de simplu de realizat si totusi nu le gasim si pe la noi.

'insulindeplein car park' by amsterdam-based office paul de ruiter architects is the first
fully automated car park in rotterdam, the netherlands. the design features a street level
pavilion-esque structure with two separate entrances. providing space for over 140 cars,
the underground park is fully operated by a 'parking robot'. by utilizing a mechanical
distributor rather than providing circulation space, the car park is able to accommodate
one-third more cars than in a traditional setup.

the pavilion features a transparent facade, offering a view of the square from the car park

and vice versa. made completely out of glass, the treatment provides a subtle mirroring effect,
merging the structure with its surrounding by day, and becoming a light-filled lantern by night.

besides freeing up the streets of parked cars, the advantage of building an underground

and fully automated facility are many: it saves on energy cost (lighting and climate control)
since it is not occupied by people; the space about the car park can be developed into
a square with green space and a playground.

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