sâmbătă, aprilie 24, 2010

19 Tips Every Windows 7 User Needs To Know

Keyboard Shortcuts for Committed Mouse Abolitionists
Master Your New Font Manager
Launch Games with Keystrokes
Burn a Spittin' Image
Become More Wordly with Hidden Wallpapers
Take Control of UAC
Calculate Your Mortgage and Other Math Tricks
Reveal All of Your Drives
Use Devices and Printers to Quickly Dig into Hardware
Calibrate Your Notebook's Text and Color
Control AutoPlay Settings Like a Megalomaniacal Tyrant
Solve External Hard Drive Hassles with Convert.exe
Convert WMC Recordings for Use with Vista and XP
Command Windows 7 to Generate an Energy Report
Cling (Desperately) to Vista's Taskbar
Exile Programs to the System Tray
Manage Your Jump Lists
Organize Your Taskbar and System Tray
Accelerate Your Start Menu
Arrange Files by Type, Month, Artist, and Other Options
Pin Folders to Favorites and Start Menu
How to load Windows 7 onto a bootable USB key

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