joi, ianuarie 14, 2010

The girl who conned her way into Harvard

"There's something I need to ask you," the officer continued. "Are you Brooke Henson?"
"Yes," Brooke said into the phone. "That's me."
On the one hand, she had a purse full of proof that she was Brooke: her student ID, a Vermont driver's license, a U.S. passport, an Ohio identification card, a South Carolina birth certificate. She had a part-time job, a rented apartment not far from campus on New York's Upper West Side and a full course load at Columbia, all registered under the name Brooke Henson.

On the other hand, she wasn't Brooke Henson.

She packed a suitcase hastily, grabbed her two Shih Tzus, hailed a cab and headed straight off the grid. By the time New York police came knocking with a DNA test, "Brooke Henson" was long gone.

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