marți, iulie 28, 2009

GPS nou pentru mobile

The SiRFStarIV line, starting with the GSD4t chip, addresses all of those flaws:

1. It's much lower in power than its predecessor, while being twice as efficient as getting a GPS lock.

2. Even while the phone is asleep, it can be run in a "micropower" mode, which gathers strong signal info when it can, without expending too much power but without sleeping completely.

3. It can be used indoor and outdoor, by storing the last most reliable location reading in memory, and reporting it when there's no new fix.

Sunt sigur ca toata lumea care a folosit un GPS stie cat de enervant e cat de multa energie consuma si cat de greu prinde semnal. In sfarsit scot un chip bun pt mobile. Cel mai probabil din sf lui 2010 in telefoane.


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