luni, iunie 29, 2009

Moartea calculatoarelor desktop

Desktop PCs have been in decline for a decade, and countless people have said their piece about it. But new evidence suggests the desktop tower's death spiral is underway—and we're not too broken up about it.
People aren't buying computers.

Except that's not quite what's happening. In the same period, laptop shipments—already higher than desktop shipments on the whole—grew 10% over last year. Desktops were entirely to blame, dropping by an astounding 23%. That's not decline—it's free fall.

Cam adevarat. Puterea laptopurilor, capabilitatea de a il inchide si sa ai toata munca cu tine si posibilitatea de a il extinde acasa cu un monitor suplimentar+tastatura+mouse+backup network storage face desktopul sa fie doar o varianta mai ieftina si cu inconveniente de utilizare.


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