luni, mai 25, 2009

Cat valoreaza identitatea ta

cybercrime experts Steve Santorelli and Levi Gundert introduced me to a sprawling criminal underworld so large and pervasive that no one can control it.

This underworld is surprisingly easy to access. It consists of a network of online chatrooms and web forums where stolen information is openly traded, along with off-the-shelf software tools needed to pull off just about every kind of online scam going. "This is an economy that is worth billions of dollars," says Dean Turner of the security company Symantec in Calgary, Canada. "It's highly organised. Everything that criminals need is available for sale."

It was not always like this. In the early days, criminal hacking required advanced technical skills. But organised crime has moved in and the black market has become a service economy where anybody can buy a career in cybercrime.

As soon as Santorelli and Gundert log me onto a chatroom, messages start to appear.

: I got fresh hacked UK cvv2's


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