luni, aprilie 27, 2009

Free Hugs - Deluxe Hugs

A fost si la noi initiativa cu free hugs. Poate ar trebui deluxe hugs. 5 RON sounds about right :)

2 comentarii:

  1. OMFG.. "SERIOUSLY?" "20$?" biata femeie, sa contractezi un man-whore asa in mijlocul zilei like it's 1950's Thailand.. Adica, mwoy Ghode, tipa a platit 2$, l-a pipait bine, dupa care a plecat. Tot timpul ei efectiv de plimbat pana cand apare din nou, se gandeste - now's my chance to some funnel maintenance! - pana cand nu mai poate rezista, se intoarce si-l ia pe sus. This is very well probably how prostitution got started in the first place.

  2. That was pretty funny. Assuming the free hugs guy was real, it was kind of messed up for him, but he wasn't doing any good anyways so...?