miercuri, octombrie 10, 2012

ToTheBestOf - acces rapid la artisti

Did you just discover a new band? Want to check if the rest of their discography is good?
Just enter the band name and hit the search button to listen their top ten tracks.

What is this?
Just an awesome website to check and listen the top ten tracks of your favorite or newly discovered band.

Why did you do this?
Because searching for the top ten tracks in Last.fm and then search each song in Grooveshark was annoying.

Why the Last.fm top ten tracks? Isn't the Grooveshark top track listing enough? Well, no. Grooveshark is pretty cool, but it's also a mess. It's top track listing usually isn't the real top tracks of the band. Last.fm turned out more reliable.
Link: http://tothebestof.com/

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