miercuri, mai 25, 2011

The Shade Club

Romanian architects SquareONE shared with us the interior design for this club in the basement of a residential building in the center of Bucharest.

More images and the architects’ description after the break.

Since the 90’s there were many clubs there some of them very successful. Some quiet scandalous. The last years before it was closed, the location was synonymous with some of the Romanian interlope world. So it had a bad name. After a period of almost 5 years the location was rented by two guys who hired us to do an eclectic glamorous club.

Since the space is very small, segmented, and with a dark past, and the new owners want at least a elegant, stylish objective, I thought of a mysterious concept with a touch of humor.

A ghostly house animated by the EGO of a small dog. The spectrum is omnipresent.
The furniture is illustrated on the walls 2D imagines. But the shapes are extruded in the space and form continuous volumes trough the club (see the Classic Bar and the Classic Dj booth)

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Arhitecti: http://www.squareone.ro/

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