joi, martie 17, 2011

The Death of Rendering

Quite a few technologies have evolved far enough to actually challenge rendering. Most are just coming of age now in 2011. No more will you wait for a test render. These are actually good enough to use as a final presentation.

The contenders:

Cryengine 3

In this video you can clearly see direct Sketchup integration. Other CAD software is sure to be included. The best part? It is free for non-commercial purposes. Release: July 2011
Other two examples of Cryengine 3:

Frostibte 2

The engine that powers Battlefield 3 is being prepared for use in design and architecture too.


More videos:
Note: Trial available.


Lumion quick overview from Lumion on Vimeo.
Note: Lumion is already on the market.


Site (no video):

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