marți, august 10, 2010

move-it DIY portable Trolley

The Move-it Kit is actually quite a neat idea for those who walk back home with all their shopping goodies. The DIY kit is a makeshift trolley that’s really durable and is made from self-adhesive cardboard parts. It transforms from reckless pieces of cardboard to a functional cart for parcels within minutes. You don’t have to be a genius to piece the cart together because its construction is very basic and simple.

It’s strong enough to take in up to 20 kgs and the parts stay bonded strong thanks to the special repulpable contact adhesive. Consisting of a set of wheels and two different types of handle, a combination of these components allows you to move boxes of almost any size and shape! Once home, you can literally recycle the whole trolley (wheels and adhesive included) because once used, you can’t dismantle it and reuse again. This is its the only downside.


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