sâmbătă, iulie 31, 2010

Scientists Map Entire Brain Network: “The most complex mass of protoplasm on earth—perhaps even in our galaxy."

“We have successfully uncovered and mapped the most comprehensive long-distance network of the Macaque monkey brain, which is essential for understanding the brain’s behavior, complexity, dynamics and computation,” announced Dharmendra S. Modha of IBM. “We can now gain unprecedented insight into how information travels and is processed across the brain. We have collated a comprehensive, consistent, concise, coherent, and colossal network spanning the entire brain and grounded in anatomical tracing studies that is a stepping stone to both fundamental and applied research in neuroscience and cognitive computing,” he added.

Sursa: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2010/07/scientists-create-most-comprehensive-map-of-the-brains-network.html

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