marți, iunie 22, 2010

From Antivirus to Antibiotics: McAfee Searches for a Last Cure

Allison Adonizio and John McAfee (of McAfee antivirus fame) think they've discovered the next great antibiotic in the jungles of Belize. It's all natural. It's unpatentable. It's untested. And thanks to our business of medicine, it's not coming to America.

When McAfee pulls a bottle from "Topic-Qx" from his shirt and laments that I don't have a wound to test it on, I know how to remedy that. A minute later both of my arms are streaming blood, Topic-Qx is applied to the left incision, and the local workmen are shaking their heads and chuckling.

I returned from Belize with six bottles of Topic-Qx—five in bottles with eyedroppers; one in an atomizer that I'd used on my own arm, all given to me by Quorumex to be distributed as I saw fit, with the special recommendation to find someone afflicted with a staph infection, on which Topic-Qx was said to be especially effective.

I offered three leading researchers in the field of anti-quorum sensing technique one of my samples for testing. They all refused.

Un articol fascinant despre cum un milionar incearca sa rafineze plante medicinale extraordinare din padurea tropicala si companiile farmaceutice incearca sa il opreasca.

Merita citit si din punct de vedere stiintific deoarece mecanismul de actiune al plantei este ceva complet nou.

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