miercuri, februarie 10, 2010

Phoenix Island

phoenix island by MAD architects is located in the center of sanya city, hainan province,
china. it is a man-made island surrounded by the sea. the dimension of phoenix island
is about 1250-meters long and 350-meter wide, connected by a bridge of 395-meter with
the main island of sanya.

the site area is about 365,000 sqm and will represent the future of sanya as the international
touring and resorts city. the island itself is a vacation land consisting a 7-star hotel, 5 boutique
apartments, yacht clubhouse, shopping streets and a habour for internaitonal passenger liners.
the total building area of the phoenix island is about 500,000 sqm. construction work is due
to finish in 2014.

Dubaisme chinezesti.

Tot articolul: http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/9083/mad-architects-phoenix-island.html

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